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One of the most important tips for getting pregnant is to have intercourse at the time of ovulation. Monitor your period map and figure out the days when you ovulate. In a 28-day cycle, usually days 12-14 are fertile. Ovulation strips are of immense help for this purpose. Ovulation predictor can also prove beneficial as it helps you to know exact time of your ovulation. Right thing done at the right moment in time reaps sweet fruit. Also, the right position is critical for intercourse when trying to get pregnant. The missionary pose (man on top) is best for conception. Positions in which woman is on top should be avoided. Millions of sperms are released during ejaculation however no more than one is essential to fertilize an egg of the woman. To enhance the chances of fertilization, keeping a pillow underneath the buttocks, to tilt the pelvis, of woman during intercourse can be advantageous. Also avoid getting up immediately after the intercourse to grant sperm a short time to pass through by lying down.

Another one from the list crucial tips for getting pregnant is to enjoy sex. It’s very important to take pleasure in what you do in bed with your partner. Don’t be under any pressure of conception. Enjoying your sex life is significant. When you feel the heat, sit back and calm down. Chatter with your partner and get rid of all the worries. You can also plan a passionate evening and buy something erotic. Getting pregnant is a blessing. Don’t turn it into turmoil by worrying too much. There are also a few tips for getting pregnant for men. Your man should too take care of a few things when you are planning a baby. Ask him to chuck out his briefs as well as tight pants and make him switch to boxers. Tight clothes constrict testicles which can further lower the sperm count and thus hamper conception.

One of the another important tips for getting pregnant is to eat healthy. A well-balanced and wholesome diet including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals is indispensable. Also, folic acid should be taken as a supplement which helps in avoiding any sorts of birth defects. Refrain yourself from smoke, alcohol and drugs as these practices interrupt chances of conception as well as may lead to miscarriages and pre-mature birth. Even passive smoking can hold up your chances of conceiving a baby. Doctors also suggest restraining your caffeine intake to just one cup a day. In a nutshell, accustom yourself to a healthy way of life when you plan to get pregnant.


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